Why choose Bamboo?

Bamboo Server vs. Jenkins

Bamboo Server is the choice of professional teams for continuous integration, deployment, and delivery
  Bamboo Jenkins
Built-in Git branching workflows Check mark
Built-in deployment Projects Check mark
標準機能としての Jira Software との統合 Check mark
Built-in Bitbucket Server integration Check mark
REST API Check mark Check mark
テストの自動化 Check mark
Easy Enterprise-grade permissions Check mark


 Supported   Supported through plugins    Not supported

Top reasons to go Bamboo

Deep developer tools integrations

Jira Software と Bitbucket Server を緊密に連携させることで、リリースの実装、品質、ステータスの全体を可視化することができます。情報をつなぎ合わせるための時間を減らし、コードを書く時間を増やしましょう。

Built-in deployment support

Send a continuous flow of builds to test environments and automatically release builds to customers when they're ready – all while maintaining links to issues and commits behind them.


Scale build capacity by connecting servers on your network using Amazon EC2. Visualize system requirements for each build with the Agent Matrix feature, so you can easily assign builds to the right agents.


Automated merging

Bamboo streamlines the process of merging Git and Mercurial branches. No more drifting miles away from master, or slogging through Titanic size merges when feature is complete.

Built-in Git branching and workflows

Automatically detect, build, test, and merge branches to deploy code continuously to production or staging servers based on the branch name.

Enterprise support and resources

Help is always available when you need it most. Bamboo is the choice of large, enterprise teams for its documentation, training, and premier support.