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Automation, integration, and extensibility

DevOps is built on the principles of communication, collaboration, and integration. The Atlassian platform is the fabric that weaves the DevOps tool stack together. In addition to providing tools that improve teamwork, Atlassian also offers a Marketplace of over 2000 add-ons, plug-ins and integrations to let each team member work where they are most comfortable and productive.

Automation, integration, and extensibility
What Atlassian is offering us with their tools and their ecosystem is a full enterprise solution. Anything you need, any features you need, you can do with Atlassian. — Gene Lewe, Lufthansa

Atlassian. Custom fit.

Automate tedious tasks, stay informed with powerful alerting, and maximize productivity by connecting to all of the tools that your team uses every day.

Let Atlassian's massive DevOps Marketplace help teams of all sizes deliver better results faster.


Planning is an essential component of DevOps that typically involves various teams using numerous planning technologies that do everything from workflow configuration, budget and effort estimation, to visually communicating roadmaps. Make planning more transparent, efficient, and iterative by using these tools with Atlassian in one seamless experience.

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Make every line of code count by integrating your development tools and automating the building process where it makes sense. Connect your Git solution to your JIRA dashboard and other tools in order to create the central powerhouse that provides high-level and individualized overviews of the state of your code. 

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Connect the dots between each phase of your development cycle by weaving builds, testing technologies, and deployment technologies together. Seamlessly shift between platforms and flag or automate parts of the process such as pull request completion or code review notifications. 

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Deploy more often with fewer failures and faster recovery by connecting tools together to automating long processes. Don't get slowed down by tedious enforcement practices - automate a set of rules for deploying a release to make releases more efficient and safer. 

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Once you’ve deployed your code into production, you can notify the right people internally and externally using a variety of channels like SMS, chat or voice in the event of urgent issues so that we orient to business value for non-functional characteristics such as reliability and supportability. 

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Continuous Feedback

Agile practice is built on the ability to provide and optimize based on feedback. A truly effective DevOps platform absorbs feedback from many different sources, including customers, internal stakeholders, testing and monitoring systems, then organizes and alerts the appropriate team members with just the right amount of information to reduce clutter and mean time to resolution. 

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Real Time Communications

Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is critical to any DevOps practice. Atlassian integrates with many real-time communication tools to alert the right people automatically, eliminate the email hunt and improve collaboration across teams.

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